Cobra was a late bloomer when it came to sluttery but she's had an all around bad reputation since the age of 4. At school she had her own chair in the principals office, because this one time she laughed so hard she peed in it, and nobody else wanted to sit there. Growing up she loved sharing porn found in bushes with friends and reenacting Kids in The Hall skits before she knew what sketch comedy was. She was known as a slutty virgin after high school, sometimes slutting entire bands. After failing to get into film school, she decided to become an actor, at the suggestion of her dentist. The acting was going along shittily, until cobra met some writer sluts who helped her realize her full slut potential. She slutted up New York on behalf of the Sketchy Sluts, and came back with the willingness to perform the first televised queef for comedy. Two things she finds important in life are dancing New Orleans Bounce and most cheeseburgers.


Tijana is a slut that grew up in the country, so from a very young age she had to be a resourceful little slut. Streaming internet porn on dial up, making out with guys in the back of pick up trucks and getting creative with hand me down clothes were only some of the slut hardships she had to go through. Early on Tijana realized she was good at two things, attracting boys and making people laugh, this would turn out to be a career. Tijana slutted it up in Calgary where she learned the art of theatre, Toronto where she explored the ins and outs of comedy and finally Vancouver where she met her fellow sluts. Let it be know that Tijana is the sluttiest slut.


After becoming frustrated with being a virgin into her early 20s, Jennifer decided to just give it up to a sailor. While she felt like somewhat of a cliché, her foray into sluttiness was well worth it. Not only did she conquer her long-time crush, she also discovered that there was no shortage of bigger and better at renowned party school, UWO. Film school also proved quite fruitful…just ask her former teachers. The one thing she learned in her screenwriting education was to “write what you know” so she now considers herself a method writer. Jennifer is not above using her big beautiful breasts to hypnotize other people into doing her bidding. She also advocates bringing back sleeping your way to the top. She enjoys making people uncomfortable with her comedy and fucking with people for the fun of it.


Alison has been an on-again off-again slut her whole life. She began masturbating with no hands at age 7, went to a a slutty catholic high school where the most popular girls were sluts, and in university would seek random places to fuck her boyfriend porno-style in between studying for psychology exams. Endowed with a huge fascination for human sexuality, she went on to learn screenwriting in Vancouver where she met her fellow Sluts and started toying with sexual comedy. Alison has a dream of getting slut jokes on TV and wants to be weird for a living. She has given up all hope for a normal career and is pretty much a prostitute now who submits stock photos to paraphilia websites and makes up fetishes on niteflirt. She hasn't even made money off those yet. Alison loves sluts and finds them truly inspirational to her comedy. She enjoys hunting for sluts on Whyte Ave when she's home during the summer months.

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